Welcome To Friendly Acres RV Park
Yuma, Arizona

* Where Retirement Dreams come true *

A great place to spend your winters or make your permanent home.

This RV Park was born in 1971. Karl and Penny Evenson were the builders of Friendly Acres which started from open fields. They built it space by space to it's present 380 mobile home and RV spaces. Karl could be found during this time digging, building, putting in the sewer system, doing concrete work and all the many jobs it takes to build a park. He could be seen working in the hot summers when it sometimes reached 125 degrees.

The Evensons are the longest established park owners in the Yuma Area and the only park owners who have always lived on the premises. They picked the name of "FRIENDLY ACRES" because that's what they wanted. A friendly place where visitors would feel welcome. It has always been full to capacity during the winter season and bouncing with activities. Friendly Acres still maintains its standards for its warm, friendly attitudes and the cleanliness of all the facilities. Also the generosity of all the residents to not only our neighbors but those who need help in the community. Friendly Acres RV Park is still Family owned and operated by Teresa Poland, Karl and Penny Evenson's daughter.

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