Welcome To Friendly Acres RV Park
Yuma, Arizona

* Where Retirement Dreams come true *

A great place to spend your winters or make your permanent home.

This RV Park was born in 1971. Karl and Penny Evenson were the builders of Friendly Acres which started from open fields. They built it space by space to it's present 380 mobile home and RV spaces.

Jimmy Watson is the proud new owner of Friendly Acres. Jimmy is the oldest of three brothers. He and his brothers, Joe and George, have been in business together for several years. Friendly Acres is the 5th RV park that they currently own. They have been managing RV and Mobile Home parks since 2007. All the brothers are general contractors who also own a roofing company together.

Jimmy first started watching our community over 10 years ago. He was impressed with the location, the good name, and status of the park. He has fallen in love with the Yuma area.

Jimmy has been married for 13 years and has two children, a boy and a girl. You will be seeing them come and go in the park with their father. Jimmy's parents were born in a small town in western Pennsylvania. Jimmy was born in an old Franklin trailer in Apache Junction. so he has had a love for RV's all of his life. For those of you who are hunters and outdoors men, Jimmy is your man. He loves it all. He has a strong faith and ties to his family. He wants Friendly Acres to stay "100% a mom and pop organization", not a consortium.

One of the first things you will see is some of the buildings will be getting a facelift. He also wants a new sign for the park. At this time, Jimmy states that "everything will stay status quo". He will always maintain the traditions of Friendly Acres as a 55 plus park.

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